Indo-German Cooperation on Agricultural Market Development

Import Training

Three-day state-level training program on “Agri Export Management for FPOs” at CCS National Institute of Agricultural Marketing (NIAM) Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The bilateral Indo-German cooperation on the Agricultural Market Development (AMD) Project jointly with Spices Board of India conducted three days state level training program on “Agri Export Management Training Program for FPOs” at CCS National Institute of Agricultural Marketing (NIAM) Jaipur, Rajasthan. The training program was organized from 19– 21 February 2024 and 25 representatives from both Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and Cluster Based Business Organizations (CBBOs) from different parts of Rajasthan participated in the training program.

Mr. Alfons Urlings, the Team Leader of AMD, extended a warm welcome to all the resource persons and participants from various farmer-producer companies in Rajasthan. He later provided a detailed overview of the three-day training program. Dr. Keshar Singh, Deputy Director, Rajasthan State Agricultural Marketing Board, addressed the participants and conduced a detailed session on electronic National Agricultural Market (e-NAM).

Dr. Parashram Patil, the national resource person of the training program, delivered the sessions on international trade and its benefits; GATT, World Trade Organization (WTO) including the agreement on agriculture (AoA), the role of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, GoI & DGFT. He highlighted the present scenario of Agri-exports from India, major commodities of export, and markets (destinations). He later detailed the processes and procedures to be followed by farmers/FPOs/companies for undertaking Agri-export, identifying potential markets and products.

Later, Mr Alok Kumar Srivastava, national resource person of the training program conducted the sessions on policy initiatives and major schemes of the Govt. of India for boosting export, the role of APEDA, Spices Board of India, ECGC, Exim bank & export promotion councils in facilitating agri-export. He also conducted sessions on product specification & requirements, certification and traceability systems requirements, phytosanitary issues, and risks in export.

Mr. Vishal Gupta, Marketing Officer, Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, Rajasthan delivered the sessions on process and procedure for grading and standardization of Agri Commodities and AGMARK certification for domestic and export trade.

Dr Shrishail K Kulloli, Spices Board of India delivered detailed sessions on the marketing schemes of the Spices Board and mandatory requirements for exporting spices to EU and export documentation, sampling procedure, SDC procedure, appeal procedure, and export procedure. Dr Kulloli, gave practical orientation of the export operations and documentation processes related to export operations that was appreciated by the training participants.

Mr. Pratyush Ranjan Singh, Deputy Team Leader, AMD project explained the procedure to conduct export value chains, primarily focusing on spices. He also oriented the participants to various steps required for developing export-oriented business plans for exports.  Mr. Gajjan Singh Verma, Project Officer, AMD project oriented the participants on different packaging and labelling requirements for spices. Mr. Pratyush Ranjan Singh concluded the training program after the feedback session and extended a vote of thanks to all the participants and organizers.

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