Indo-German Cooperation on Agricultural Market Development

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About the Project

Project Title

Indo-German Cooperation on Agricultural Market Development (AMD Project).

Project Duration

August 5th, 2021 until August 4th, 2024 with the possibility of 1-year extension.

Overall Objective

To support sustained economic growth in the agricultural sector and improved livelihoods in rural regions of India.

Specific Project Objective

To support the implementation of India’s strategy for modernising agricultural markets.

Project Approach and Intervention Areas

Public and private sector institutions of the Indian agricultural market system are strengthened through project measures. In up to three federal states, the project provides technical support for the further development of selected agri-food value chains and farmer producer organisations (FPOs). In addition to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing on the domestic markets, the project supports development of the export potential of selected agricultural value-chains and products. The project also promotes the expansion of marketing opportunities for Indian farmers in international markets.

Specifically, the project endeavours to achieve three key results:

  1. To enhance the policy environment for agriculture market development and increase export potential of Indian products through a dialogue platform;
  2. To strengthen agriculture market development support services and related capacities;
  3. To integrate target farmer organisations in market-oriented value chains and enhance their access to international (EU) markets.

The project has been designed as a demand-oriented framework, combining a dialogue concept at the macro (national) level, with advice on concrete, technical processes at the meso (state) and micro (local) levels.

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