Indo-German Cooperation on Agricultural Market Development

Import Training

Conducted three days of farm mentorship Program at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh under GLOBALG.A.P Training

The bilateral Indo-German Agricultural Market Development (AMD) Project in collaboration with GLOBALG.A.P and Department of Agricultural Marketing and Foreign Trade has started the three days of farm mentorship Program at Lucknow. Mr. Pratyush, Deputy Team Leader of the AMD project welcomed all participants from Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Agricultural, and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), Spice Board of India, Directorate of Marketing Inspection (DMI) and Odisha Horticulture Department joined the mentorship program at Malihabad region in Lucknow. The mentorship program is tailored to enable Farmers Producer organization (FPOs) in accessing GLOBALG.A.P certification and promote exports of Dusheri Mangoes to the European Union markets.

GLOBALG.A.P  trainer Mr.Mahinda Wohome from Kenya trained the participants and explained various principles and criteria related to certification system. Detailed sessions on quality management system under GlobalG.A.P. certification, legality and administration for Producer group members were conducted. Practical assessments of farms were conducted to evaluate the procedure for maintaining and adhering the quality management system (QMS), and internal audits. Specialized sessions were conducted on food safety policy, hygiene, workers’ health, safety, and welfare, risk assessment, personal protective equipment, site management, biodiversity and habitats, waste management, plant protection product management, application records, postharvest handling, packing and storage areas, and pest control were given to the training participants and the members of the Farmers Producer Organizations.

The certification would enable the farmers of the FPOs to access the European Markets and would improve their income. The certification would also enable better outreach of Dusheri Mangoes to enter the EU retail stores and plates. these FPOs can act as a lighthouse for the other FPOs in India to adopt the Global Good Agricultural Practices standard recognised by the International premium markets. The farm mentorship Program was attended by 50 participants.

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